School Daze

“The only thing that is constant is change.”  — Heraclitus For many of us, the fall season signals major change. Most notably, students have transitioned from summer mode to school mode. The lazier days of summer are a distant memory and months of hard work loom on the horizon.  Initially, most Read More


Summertime and the Living Is Easy!

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou. Not!  At least this is not always the case.  While immersed in the multiple tasks and demands of our daily lives throughout most of the year we anticipate and long for the space that summer promises.  Whether it be a one Read More


A Brilliant Perspective on Bullying

All Bullying Begins With Disconnection This gifted teacher connects loneliness with bullying and creates an ingenious way to take action.  This may be the most important piece you ever read.  What can YOU do to promote “kindness and bravery” among the people in your life?


Happy Holidays!

“Every day brings a choice: to practice  stress or to practice peace.” – Joan Borysenko Happy Holidays! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the holiday season and 2014 with hope and optimism.  With as much celebration and fun as this season brings, it can Read More


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