Tim Krieder’s article, The ‘Busy’ Trap, presents an interesting point of view.  Reading it in conjunction with the responses –which mostly disagree with what he presents– brings to mind some interesting and valuable questions.  I think it is always useful to ask ourselves questions such as, “How busy do I want to be?  Need to be for financial reasons?  For other reasons?  What is my point of diminishing return when I begin spinning my wheels and my busyness no longer serves me/ what I set out to accomplish?  What are my physical and emotional limits?  Where can I pull back?  Where can’t I?  What might I gain from some quiet time?  Am I afraid of slowing down?  Why?”  Perhaps just being aware of all we do, all we expect ourselves to do, think we should do and for what reasons, really, is an exercise worth just a bit of our time.