It’s not happiness that creates gratefulness.
It’s gratefulness that creates happiness.

–Brother David Steindl-Rast, The Grateful Heart

Here we are, the holidays already upon us!  Culturally, we associate words such as gratitude and peace with the winter holidays, and all that we hope to celebrate with our families and friends.  Many of us, however, experience the holidays as stressful and demanding as various expectations and tasks are readily added to the overall busyness of modern life we already manage.

I offer you an exercise I find most useful at this time of year. I call it the three plus threes:  

At the end of each day, take five to ten minutes to look back and reflect upon your day.  Literally write down, “three things I did well today, and three things I am grateful for.” 

Over time you will notice a subtle and profound shift in the ways that you see things and experience yourself and your life.  I frequently offer this particular exercise to clients dealing with depression and/ or a sense of hopelessness specifically around all that they hope to change and learn in coaching. 

The clients who take me up on this practice and send me their three plus threes each night, note changes in the ways they perceive themselves and what they are trying to accomplish.  It is brave to work with a coach, to determine to make changes in one’s behavior that will bring one’s life to more satisfying and fulfilling places.

It has often been said that healing is simply a change in perspective, seeing things in new ways.  Three plus threes is one way to accomplish this.

I am most grateful for each and every one of my clients.  I am continually and deeply moved by your trust in me, your willingness to try new things and the courage you demonstrate each time you try something new.

I wish you a peaceful holiday season and ongoing success in all you do.

In gratitude,