Now that Labor Day has come and gone, how do we move from “Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” (Nat King Cole) to the to-do lists that autumn requires?  Whether we are returning home from actual vacations or simply getting back to the routines of daily life necessitated by resuming work, creative and/or school responsibilities, how can we help ourselves as we head into this new season?
People often seek out coaching to improve their productivity by learning and enhancing their abilities to manage time, tasks, materials and space, establish routines, follow through on and complete chosen or assigned projects.  Most people have the desire and often need to bring more order to their lives.  They want to feel a sense of choice in what they are doing, to feel more in charge and not so out of control.  Together in our coaching sessions, we spend time making sense of what it is they are doing or want to be doing.  We categorize things, create to-do lists, establish schedules and routines and document calendars, set timers and alarms and work on accountability.  We address the obstacles to chosen goals and create conditions for success.  This is a challenging, dynamic, interesting and fun process requiring tenacity and hard work.
With all of this concentration on creating and implementing our to-do lists we often overlook the important steps necessary to build the strength and resilience necessary “to-do” all we desire. 
As we work on the to-do lists in coaching, it is essential that we also build the strength and resilience necessary for everyone –and especially for those dealing with AD/HD and other executive functioning challenges— to deal with the details of daily life and the inevitable changes and challenges we encounter.
The six elements we remain mindful of as we build strength and resilience are:
1.    Sleep
2.    Nutrition
3.    Exercise
4.    Meditation
5.    Medication
6.    Relationships/ Support
Much has been written about each of these, and the links shared below are only a beginning.  As we work to establish the practices necessary to create strength and resilience, a fluid ebb and flow between the to-do and the to-be in our lives emerges.  Everything gets easier!
I wish you all ease of transition to this beautiful autumn season.
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