Now that the dust is settling, and we are able to look towards 2016 with more equanimity and less through the lens of the highs and lows of holiday emotion, it’s a good time to contemplate what you would like to affect in the coming year.

As a coach, I have the pleasure of working with and witnessing people as they learn to self-regulate and move their lives in directions of their choosing.  This is a challenge for many of us, and especially for people dealing with AD/HD and/or issues of executive functioning.  The ability to make changes to affect future outcomes happens slowly, over time and with support.  It is moving and informative to observe people throughout the process of coaching and to aid and be a part of each individual’s growth.  At any time I have the pleasure of working with people who are just beginning the coaching process (brave and hopeful), people who are in the thick of it, so to speak(frustrated, yet tenacious), and others who are completing projects and/or the coaching process itself (satisfied and proud).

It takes a lot of courage to truly engage in a coaching relationship.  It also takes strength, tenacity, patience and a lot of trust in the process: trust in your coach, trust in yourself and trust in the unique relationship we will develop to be able to affect change in your life.

Coaching is a highly individualized process.  Following are stories of a few of the clients who I have had the great fortune and pleasure to work with as a coach:

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016!
Barbara. 🙂