We have certainly had an interesting summer.  Thanks to our two political conventions and the Olympics in Rio, there was plenty to keep our attentions occupied and our emotions reeling.  Though this happens every four years, I never get used to the excitement of it all, the highs and lows are continually mesmerizing.  Whether you paid particular attention to any of these things or they were simply background fodder, fall is nearly upon us.  Kids are returning to school and families and individuals are making their ways back to some semblance of schedules and more consistent routines.  Hopefully, it will be a smooth transition for all.
Though most of us have grand plans for transitioning seamlessly, it is most useful to take things one step at a time and establish small, concrete achievable steps to get where we desire.  In this age of information overload, multi-tasking and demands coming at us from a variety of directions, here are some simple things to help as we make our ways to an autumn worth remembering.
1.    Take time out for self care every day.
Whether this means sitting quietly, meditating, reading or taking a walk, it’s important to schedule time to give your system an opportunity to settle and integrate the daily goings on.  Put this on your calendar as you do everything else.
2.    UNPLUG!
Turn off your cell phone, tablet and computer on a regular basis daily.  You choose the length of time.  You choose the time of day.  Enough said.
3.    Be grateful.
Each night, write down three things you are grateful for and three things you did well that day.  This will help shift you into being able to see all you DO, instead of maintaining your focus on the things you have not yet accomplished.
4.    Take a few minutes at the end of every day to reorganize yourself and your things –calendar, brief case, back pack, etc.– in preparation for the next day.  Taking these few minutes every night will insure a smooth start each morning and will set you up for continuing success.
I wish you well in the weeks and months ahead.  Please let me know if I may help.
Barbara. 🙂