ADHD COACHING experience

Barbara is a delight to work with! She is kind, generous and very understanding. She can make light of a bad situation and is also quite hilarious and leaves me laughing every time I have a session with her. I would definitely recommend her to anybody.

- Parker Gibson

25 year-old client

MY Story

First and foremost I am an educator.

I have been providing help for ADHD as well as coaching people with different learning styles since 1980, when I began my career in special education. Starting then and ever since, I’ve been moved to work from a deeply felt and researched model, one that guides me to understand that all learning takes place within the context of important relationships. Through decades of practice and experience I have become adept at creating effective relationships with people.

Herein, an individual’s unique learning needs can be assessed and they can work cooperatively with me toward maximizing their strengths and achieving success.

I am a current and longstanding member of ADDA and CHADD, and in my professional background I have learned from having been not only a Special Education Teacher; I have also been a Vice Principal, Corporate Trainer and Executive Assistant to Professional Academic and Creative Writers. I have dedicated much time and attention to an extensive study and teaching of creative and journal writing. All this helps me to serve my students and clients in ways that meet their particular learning and personality styles, as well as their individual needs both immediate and aspirational.

In addition to my regular coaching clients, I have given back to my local community of at-risk kids here in the Santa Monica area. This was as former Director of Smart Partners tutoring program for The Virginia Avenue Project, a free, after-school program that uses the performing arts in conjunction with one-on-one mentoring to help underserved children realize their full potential. I am thankful to have played a critical role in meeting the emotional, learning, social, and socio-economic needs of these children.

My professional practice, Barbara Lipscomb Coaching, is for adults and children with ADD/ADHD, and for creative/divergent learners who face a unique set of challenges.

Coaching is a highly effective means of helping non-traditional thinkers fully realize their potential and excel in all aspects of life.

what really

made me do it

My own childhood was greatly impacted by a child with special needs when my older brother became profoundly deaf at the age of 17 months.

Only 15 months younger than my brother, I developed an acute sensitivity to his needs and, in my love for him, I began to develop myself as a responsive and attuned caregiver.

As an adult, I attended the California State University at Northridge to pursue my interests in child development, psychology and special education. In 1979, I graduated, Magna Cum Laude, with my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. I then earned two teaching credentials in a fifth year of study: a General Education, K-12 credential and a Special Education Specialist Credential in Severely Handicapped, K-12. In 1980, I opened one of the first seven classrooms for severely emotionally disturbed children in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Working with these students and their families afforded me many opportunities to apply my thinking and experience about the teaching and treatment of children with emotional and learning challenges to varied populations, some dealing with abuse, mental illness and poverty.


objective listening

– with the objective

of learning

When my clients understand that I am not judging them, they are able to relax and feel safe enough to expose what many in their world have labeled as negative behaviors.

I help them understand that what they have been doing has been their own creative way of trying to meet their essential needs.

In the process of developing understanding about their reactions to what they have experienced, ADHD Coaching opens up many new possibilities for responding to the challenges they face. Eventually, we discover together their goals and dreams and help them reach them, one step at a time.

Without the burden of negative self-assessment, we work together to:

  • Identify the ADHD symptoms and evaluate sources of frustration.
  • Explore research and resources that help us understand your specific situation.
  • Collaborate toward the development of creative and personalized approaches to meeting your goals.

Thank you so much for your help with everything this year.

It hasn’t been an easy one but it had a great ending.

- 14 year old High School Freshman



12:00 Noon - 8:00 PM Pacific Time, Mondays through Thursdays.



I can be anywhere you need me to be. Located in Southern California, I work with clients primarily via video as well as by phone.