Summertime and the Living Is Easy!

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“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou.

Not!  At least this is not always the case.  While immersed in the multiple tasks and demands of our daily lives throughout most of the year we anticipate and long for the space that summer promises.  Whether it be a one or two week vacation from our jobs or a longer break from school, college or internships for ourselves, our children or other people around us, our ideas of summer break loom large.  Most of us have great expectations for our summer vacations and ourselves.  We determine to clean closets, complete photo albums, take weekends out of town, visit with friends and family, get the oil changed, take a class, pick up hobbies such as photography, learn a language, do volunteer work, get in even better shape, throw parties, and the like.

So often, and especially for people dealing with AD/HD, learning differences and other executive functioning challenges, it can be a particular challenge to structure and make the best use of time that is not externally structured for us by the requirements of our work place, school, family, etc.

As we look forward and begin to move into the summer months, this is the perfect time to determine which project you want to take on this summer.

Choose ONE of the things from your list.  Choose the one with the most charge or attraction.  What do you really want to do?  What will matter the most to you when you look back after the summer?

  1. Break this task into small, concrete, achievable steps.   This is a creative process and may require assistance.
  2. Estimate the length of time you need for each of the steps.  Your estimates won’t be perfect.  That doesn’t matter.   It is a place to begin.
  3. Look at your calendar.  Block off, document and commit to the times and places you will work on each of the steps of your summer project
  4. Find someone to be accountable to.  This is essential.  It can be a family member, a friend, a coworker, or a coach
  5. Determine what else you need to fully accomplish your summer project.  What materials,  finances, support, etc.
  6. Then, DO it.  Have fun!  And, as always, feel free to send me an email or share your experiences here (link to blog???).  I love hearing about each of your experiences.

I wish you a happy, healthy, productive and fun summer!


Barbara. 🙂

Summer Reading Suggestions:

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

Smart But Stuck: Emotions in Teens and Adults with ADHD by Thomas E. Brown, PhD

Excellent Article:

Suggested App Support:


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